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How is everyone on this winter weather Friday??.. A few weeks ago or at this stage months ago!!!!!  I came home to a lovely box of Thalgo goodies. So exciting!! 
When ever I see Thalgo, Im  instantly taken back to my early beauty therapy days. Thalgo is one of those brands that has been around soooooo so long..over 50 years actually and its a brand that has always stayed exclusively with in the beauty and spa world..meaning when you are recommended a product you will be dealing with a qualified Thalgo professional. 

A little History on the Brand I came across on Thalgos website its such an interesting brand with algae and marine extracts being their main power ingredient in their products! 

Thalgo was created by a pharmacist called Andre Boclet from his passion for the marine world and its riches 

In 1964, supported by the work of René Quinton and Professors Dubarry and Guelfi, and convinced that the marine world would be the source of great therapeutic and cosmetic discoveries in the decades to come, André Bouclet created BLC Laboratories, which specialised in skincare products formulated with algae and marine extracts intended for the medical world and thalassotherapy.
so there is the little bit of History.

Here is my Fave product I received from the lovely Thalgo guys and gals! The Freshness exfoliator..I love this scrub!! Freshness is the word..this has a major fresh feeling the active ingredients are yummy Menthol and grape fruit. You can really really smell and feel the effects of the menthol.
Gelidium sesquipedale is the magic Thalgo Algae ingredient it
Energies and protects the skin with its 6 minerals and 8 amino acids. I use this scrub twice weekly it is quite active on the skin..meaning you will feel it so my sensitive readers out there this may not be for you..I have combination skin so its perfect for me. I really feel my skin is super fresh and deep clean after I use it. Perfect for tanning prep for events and weekends! Thalgo has that lovely luxurious feel and it reminds me of being in a spa getting pampered and who didn't love a little bit of this at home!! Check out Thalgos web page for stockists and they also have a great section to figure out what products your skin needs go have a peep at that!! 

Thanks for having a read of my Thalgo fave product and a little info on the brand!! I really enjoyed putting a little research into the brand and I learned so much about how much research and expertise goes into the product we end up with!! I really am obvessed!! 
Happy Friday have a fabulous weekend guys!! 

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