The UNITE hair care press day

Oh Hi Everyone!!

Today Im bringing some Hair products to my blog!!! Ive openly admitted Im a product addict and Hair products especially im quite addicted to!! I have Naturally curly this brings its issues ill always have some kind of curl cream or oil in my handbag to keep the fuzz away. Ive learned the hard way with hair products its exactly the same as skin care you do need to invest in good products depending on your hair type. I was so excited to get invited to the Unite hair care In the savoy hotel Limerick a couple of weeks ago. I had seen the brand on Instagram as its loved by Big celebs like The Kardashins.
The day was really well organised I had to book in some time with Unites UK hair expert Anthony..I got one on one attention and a detailed run down of the brand! This was an amazing idea well done guys..I got a curly blow dry by the lovely Anthony lots of product info. I received an absolutely amazing goodie bag that was tailor made just for me!! My hair was in a super crazy state when I got back for Thailand and needed about 2 inches off it so poor Anthony had his work cut out for him! I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one..I could ask those questions that may be hard to ask in front of a group. And got a step by step rundown of all the products he was using and why..One for my wish list was the 360 hair spray omg..this hairspray has an ajustable nozzle so you can decide what kind oh hold you need soft medium and strong my mind was seriously blown!!

I was pleasantly surprised also to learn the Unite is a nasties free brand 
Its 100% VEGAN FREE its free from sulfates, parabins, and sodium chloride.
Im a big fan of natural products as skin care goes so finding a brand that's high quality and really natural. Music to my curly cray hair!! 

So here are all the goodies I received!!

The smoothing shampoo and conditioner adds shine with out weight and also tames my frizz and has a thermal protector added.

This leave in Detangler goes in my hair straight out of the shower and I comb it through this wonder product repairs and locks in colour and strengthens hair adds moisture and protein to protect the hair also contains thermal and uv protection.

My new go to Curl products..this is what your curls dream about its a curl cream with just the right amount of hold and works so well when I leave my hair to dry naturally..which is most days.

U Oil Argan oil..I apply this every day..especially to the ends of my Hair..its so so sliky its like a body oil but again its really really light on the cuts down on drying time and extends colour life amaze!!

Thanks for reading guys!! I think I'll have to share some more of my hair stories as us curly gals have a hard time keeping control!! 
I also received some great styling products in my goodie bag but I haven't got around to trying then yet.

Have a great weekend 
Ru :)X 

The Beauty Kemple 

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