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So last Friday the lovely gals at into the west blogger network #itwbn organised a little mini meet up for all of us bloggers.  It was my first time seeing all the guys and gals since I've been back from Thailand, so I was super super excited!!
It took place in the fabulous 56central in Galway. I've never been to 56central but I've seen amazing pictures and lots of checkins on Facebook while I was away, so it was on my list as soon as I got back!
56 central is located right on shop street so it truly is in the heart of Galway..very apt with the design as I discovered.. We felt so welcome from the moment we arrived..its such a cool chilled out spot, and it's the  the kind of place you look all around and explore and find an area you like.

 There are 4 different areas
1. The Garden - nature 
2. The Site - food 
3. The Art Room - Art & Culture 
4. The Vault - people love & connection 
  There is a real feeling of calm and chill here which on a busy Friday night in Galway is hard to achieve. There is also a giant heart as you enter and the  blood lines are represented by a continuous line around the building and into all the rooms. See what I mean about looking about this amazing space??? I could get lost following the lines around haha!!
The evening started with a few words from Gill the owner and brains behind the 56central. Once we got all the info we took our seats..which were all labeled, such a personal touch which 56 central is all about. We were then treated to an amazing selection of food..
it just kept coming while we tweeted, Instagramed and snapped every moment. Yet another unique fact in 56centeal almost all of the food is locally sourced. Its really opened my eyes to how many amazing company's are producing great quality food. I don't think we actually realise the wonderfully talented company's right on our door step! Gill also explained the thinking behind their unique Brunch experience, its based around freedom days...make your days off a big deal..plan something, a day out, a road trip, a class or event to fully switch off and get out of the work routine..I love this idea and I can totally relate to it.. Ill be having a freedom day in 56 central very soon.

A lot of love,passion and thought has gone into the design of 56central and of course that comes across in the food..the staff who all wear tshirts saying "grateful" which in its self proves this place know "the secret"..they just get it how important customers important it is to be grateful for everything we have to attract more. Honestly I've fallen in love with his place! There is just something really special about it.

My top food pics of the night....I loved everything to be honest but if I had to pick.. it would be the56central buttermilk  Cuinneog chicken its absolutely delicious and just the right amount of spice (although my spice taste buds have certainly gone up since Thailand!!) 

The spicy patatas bravas were also one of my faves, they reminded me of an amazing trip to Spain with one of my great friends Sarah and we had the most delicious patatas bravas, well 56central now is my favorite for patatas bravas! Ill have to take her along for a sample!! I love how really good food can transport you and spark a memory or is that just me?!! Its certainly the 56central effect. 
As the evening was coming to an end the most perfect cupcakes arrived, along with take away cups for anyone who just couldn't have another bite . I took some of the 56central magic home with me, safely concealed in a coffee cup..genius. :) 

The Fabulous Food

All the lols and selfies!! :) :)

Thanks so much to Sinead and Saibh for their continued hard work and for organising such a lovely event..thanks also  to Gill and all the team at 56central who will now have to get used to me becoming a regular!!
I had such brilliant night and it was so so good to be back with my #ITWBN crew and meet some new faces..I missed them all summer!! We had such a great catch up and as always I left feeling inspired and full of positive vibes, I think 56central will be one of our blogging hangouts and we were all more than a little overwhelmed as Gill and the team totally spoilt us, Im feeling very blessed to be a part of this fantastic bunch..I feel like we are all really paving the way for blogging with this unique group. We all help each other out and encourage each other. I love the #ITWBN bloggers xxx 

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Ru :)X
The Beauty Kemple

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