My Meeting Must Haves

Im delighted to have been asked to take part in this great blogger project Called "Meeting Must Haves"..its a list of my must haves for meetings.
When I sat down to think about this post I was actually surprised at my essentials! Im very lucky most of  the meetings I go to aren't very formal and are usually one on one with fellow bloggers or great product brands im a very lucky blogger! Even Though my meetings aren't too formal I still need  my essentials to get the most from my meetings.

So here goes The Beauty Kemples Meeting Must Haves

First things first ...A smile..I always approach any meeting with a smile..its so important to put the best side of you forward and who doesn't feel instantly better when they smile? Even if you are really nervous and the meeting is with someone you haven't meet before first impressions count..and it immediately makes you feel confident. It works for me every time!!

A positive and open mindset..This is probably my number one..again no matter what the meeting its so important to be positive  and open to all the possibilities that may come about, you never know what the next meeting may may learn something..make a new friend..get a new job..get some blogging motivation or indeed make plans for future blog posts maybe discuss products or blogging brainstorming. This list is endless and its why so Im always super positive about any meetings I have. You just never know whats around the corner. 

My iPhone: Most definitely one of my essentials.. and that goes hand in hand with my charger as my phone is always almost about to die!! My phone has all of my meetings saved and as Im also a twitter,Instagram and Facebook and snap chat addict, I need my phone to keep up on all social media antics and snap and Instagram bits and pieces of my day. Including sometimes the the meeting itself... well especially if its with my blogger besties. 

My Diary: My life..I do put some dates into my phone but im still very much a pen and paper kinda gal so I have to have my diary to hand..I have one for work appointments so clients that have book in with me and I have another Diary for events and more blogging..I like to keep track of my stats at the beginning of the month so I can give myself a little pat on the back when I can see some growth with all my various social media platforms...its the little things find this really keeps me motivated!

Nail polish..I love having my nails polished its just my thing..I think it adds to any outfit and you just feel groomed and professional and this is so important for a confidence boost..A meeting Must have for sure, anything that helps with the confidence is a winner! 

Business Cards soooooo important its a great opportunity to get your brand across and they are super professional..and gives an opportunity to promote what you do and leave a lasting impression. 

So there are my meeting must haves.. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as i really enjoyed putting this together and its a totally different style to my usual beauty posts..a nice change! And a big thank you to Meetingbooker for contacting me to do this great blog post. Pop on to their site MeetingBooker for all the details. They are handy company to help you book conference and meeting rooms quickly and at competitive rates in over 100 countries all over the world, amazing right? and a great idea!! Thanks for including me in this great blogger project guys. :)

Ru :)X
The Beauty Kemple
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