Oh hi guys 
So as some of you may know I've spent the last two months 
traveling around Thailand..I had some tough decisions to make product wise but Im going to Blog about my backpack essentials and what I brought with me. Mascara is one of my makeup must haves and I love trying out new ones.
I was lucky to receive an amazing travel size IsaDora Flashing Volume Mascara at the last #itwbn Blogger meet up in my blogger goodie bag. I used it the few times when on the rare occasion I wore mascara in Thailand and loved it. 
So since I've been back and wearing a little 
more makeup and I've really noticed its power..its sooooo good guys. I do admittedly have quite long lashes to start with but I find some mascaras clump and all of my lashes stick together..not cool and not ideal for fluttering ones lashes chicks!! The brush is really small and it has lots of tiny bristles which I find work really well to separate lift and define my lashes. When Im applying mascara... I start at the root and really lift the brush upwards and I also blink in a zig zag motion on to the brush to get really good coverage try it next time it works a treat..Im blessed as I said with long lashes but they are also super duper Blonde. Before I discovered Eyelash tint, I had to make sure I could get really really good coverage, so no blondie bits allowed!!! This mascara also lasts really well all doesn't flake off during the day and it doesn't smudge under the eyes..I need a good eye-makeup remover to take it off with cotton pads which id recommend as its very long lasting so remove it well to avoid the dreaded panda eyes the next morning!
 Yesterday I got a lovely surprise when the amazing IsaDora Ireland Shared my mascara pictures to their Instagram page. Thank you so much guys!
IsaDoras Instagram page omg!!!

This is all IsaDora Mascara on my own lashes no clumps no lumps fully seperated and lifted lovely lashes whoooo!!

IsaDora is available world wide but here here are a list of stockists here in Ireland. *Find IsaDora *

Let me know if any of you have tried out this gem?? and as always any questions just ask..maybe I will do a how I apply my mascara video? 

Thanks for reading XXX

Ru :)x

The Beauty Kemple

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