How do I clean mine??

Hello everyone!! 

Here is a little post I've been meaning to do for a while.
How I clean my Make up brushes!!... Which has dramatically improved since I received this amazing brush cleaner awesomeness!! Thanks to my lovely friend Wendy for this epic gift!! Wendy you have changed my make up brush cleaning life!!!

I have a love hate relationship with my brushes, I love the magic that I can cast over my face and the faces of my clients with a kit of magic wands..but the hate part is the cleaning and washing of the brushes!!
I'm not sure if anyone likes this job...on a serious note its unbelievably important to wash brushes especially if you are a make up artist..brush cleansers are great in-between clients and to quickly clean! Make up brushes harbor lots of bacteria and nasties that will go all over the skin and face if they are not washed. If you are constantly breaking out with spots ect dirty brushes could be the problem! So please please don't neglect those lovely brushes guys look after them and keep them clean so they can keep their magical powers and not cast nasty spells!! 

Brushes need a deep clean at least once weekly. I've tried a number of different methods..I love baby shampoo its so gentle and gets the brushes really clean..My usually routine is to fill the sink with water and swirl the brushes over the palm of my hand to really lather them up and keep rinsing them out until the wear runs clean. 
Thankfully this new little gadget has really made a massive difference!! The Brush heart got my brushes squeaky clean..I actually enjoyed cleaning them because I couldn't believe how easy it was..I even washed my housemates brushes that's how excited I got!!! 

So here is my lovely brush cleaning assistant..isn't  she pretty?? As you can see from the picture below the Brush Heart has two different areas for cleaning Small bumps at the top and groves underneath..i find the bums really great for cleaning smaller brushes and the groves are unbelievable for deep cleaning all of my larger brushes. 

The Brush heart is its super easy to hold

Gently Swirl your brushes over the magical groves to reveal brushes like new! 

My super clean brushes..I rinse off the make up filled lather after every brush so you have a clean Brush heart every time.

I'm fully in love with my brush heart honestly its such a handy little gadget once you use it you will wonder how you lived with out it!!

Its available on an amazing site called spectrum  for only €12.33 direct link here  Brush Heart.

How do you clean yours?? do let me know guys 

Thanks for reading
Ru :)x 

The Beauty Kemple 

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