My Thailand product discovery

Hello all! Greetings from Koh Samui Thailand! 
We are Four weeks into our trip around this amazing country Four more to go!!! 

I can't explain how much we are loving this trip... it's so chilled we all doing our own thing! Paula is busy chasing and foraging for lizards and basically any animals here... she's a great bug remover too and she has somehow made me accept lizards!!  Paula started up her own blog at the start of our trip, click here for Paulas Blog :) 
Saibh is snapping some amazing pictures and discovering some hidden gems we would just walk by! 
Saibhs Blog.. Saibh has an amazing blog post, with some great pics of the trip so far!! 
And me well...I'm getting distracted by all the little beauty salons here and fabulous shops with Gorgeous organic Thai products!! 
While we were in Bangkok we walked by a boots store, I couldn't resist! Just  had to pop in and see what products I could get..I have issues I know!!!! I'm in no doubt I'm in the right industy,I suppose its perfect for a Beauty Blogger hahaha!!

I just find it so interesting what you can get in other countries, what's popular, what you can't get! I can spend a little too long testing smelling ect..the girls just leave me to it at this stage and walk away!!
I came across this beautiful Thai brand sabai-arom...which in Thai means simple pleasure and contentment. The packaging was what immediately attracted me to the product and the display with all of the range was so lovely, I wanted everything and I straight away saw these amazing little travel essential oils all blended for different needs and feelings!! I was instantly in love!!!
I picked the travel set which included 
3 mini bottles I picked the following 3. 

Peace: seeking a peace of mind ?

Focus: confusion clouding up?
Bergamot,nutmeg,sweet orange black pepper 

Confidence: Doubting yourself?? 
Cedar wood vertices bergamot champaca 

The actual products you get in the kit, they are so perfect for travel and have a role on application so handy!  And comes in a little tin box.. Again very backpack friendly! 

Petit trio on the go 

The little box is super handy!!

These little beauties are formulated 
•parabens •silicone •fragrance •propylene glycol •synthetic colours

And are formulated WITH
•100% plant active ingredients 
•100% essential oils 
• are Cruelty free 

Here is a link to The sabai-arom story and it has a lovely backround story..its founded by two thai ladies who wanted to share their traditional Knowledge and herbal Antidotes.

I'm delighted I stumbled across these products have a look at their website for the full range.
I think its only a matter of time before this brand hits our side of the world..Ill be first in line!!

Thanks for reading as always guys and a great big thank you to Saibh for taking amazing shots of the products for this blog post xx

Chat soon 


The Beauty Kemple 

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