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Hi everyone well what a wet and windy start to our Irish summer! Is it really June?? On a positive note it's perfect blogging weather and what better topic to blog about in this weather but TAN!! I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Tan organic Tanning oil at an into the west blogger meet up...the February meet up...I'm a slow blogger I know!! But I practically turn products inside out and upside down before I write about them...I'm working on speeding up that process ha!!

I'm a major tan fan...and I think from years of doing spray tans and selling tans in the salon I really got into my Tanning comfort zone..I liked what I liked and that was that..also I felt in my job didn't have any chance for a disaster tan to feature! Would you trust some one with a bad tan to do your tan!?? I wouldn't!!  So blogging I feel has really opened up my eyes to new brands and I'm well and truly out of my super cozy bronzed comfort zone. 

Right so down to my review of this product! 

Firstly as I've mentioned in previous posts organic is the way to go...everyone wants natural..organic..free from nastiness ect..I most defiantly saw this shift while I worked in the salon so much so I had to source an organic range of skin care to keep up with the demand for it! This Product has an amazing story , as well as being organic, its cruelty free and its eco certified!! Amazing or what!!
I love this picture below from the Tan Organic Web site ...Its the full story!! :)

pic from Tan Organic

My first impressions of Tan Organic was...omg it's an actual oil....and it's clear... I'm officially scared.. Over the years when anyone asked me about Tans if always recommend a tan with a guide color..but this one is so easy to use and so natural its changed my thinking on clear  Tans!

So I felt the fear and tanned anyway!!! I had my tanning mit ready but I found I actually didn't need one with this tan it's soooooo hydrating and I found its so easy to apply it's literally like applying a body oil and it smells delish!! I was so pleasantly surprised with this Tan. The Tanning oil doesn't come out really fast which is great but be careful not to spill it I pored it into my cupped hand and applied it directly on  my skin..small amounts work best.

Do take care with the application and moisturise hands, feet knees elbows before application.
AT the ITWBN blogger meet up wearing Tan Organic!

The first time I used this tan was for out last Itwbn blogger meet up in the G hotel Galway. I decided to apply the tan in the morning the day before the event and keep and eye on how it was developing because I was a little nervous..I loved that it developed so gradually.. and I could get dressed and get stuff done and actually leave the house with out worrying if I was turning 50 shades of brown! This Tan is defiantly on my list of Fave Tans..its so natural and great for sensitive/dry skins.

Thanks to the lovely people at Tan Organic for this beautiful product and my chicks Sinead and Saibh from the Into The West Blogger Network. xxx

Thanks so much for reading guys..you have to try this tan!! let me know how you find it!

Later Guys

Ru :)X

The Beauty Kemple xoxo 

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