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Hey guys! I’m so excited to be writing for Ruth today. I love reading
The Beauty Kemple, and was so glad to meet Ruth at a blogger
event back in March, which is when we began brainstorming about
this collaboration!

I’m sure one of the reasons you follow this blog is because of the
great advise Ruth can give, being a qualified beauty therapist, and
knowing so much about skincare (as well as all things beauty!).
My blog, Skindividual, is a platform I use to write about DIY natural
skincare, as well as eating healthy for a clear complexion. Today, I
thought it would be good to share a simple and practical DIY
skincare ‘recipe’ with you guys, which I think you will find really

In this blog post, I will be showing you how to create your own oil
based makeup remover that is simple to make, smells divine, and
will really benefit your skin. Oils are fantastic to use for every skin
type. If you have dry skin, they will help to hydrate and nourish
your complexion. If you have oily skin, they will reduce oil
production. If you have active acne, they will help to reduce
inflammation, and sooth the skin.

DIY Rose & Coconut Makeup Remover
You will need the following:

The fats found in coconut oil will smooth the skin and help it to
retain moisture. Sweet almond oil is extremely softening for the
skin, evens out skin-tone, and also helps to balance PH levels.
Rosewater will help to calm the skin and remove any redness or


I always use measuring cups. They're easy to find, inexpensive, and
make measuring ingredients so easy. Use one cup/one and a half
cups of coconut oil. Scoop out and place in a large glass bowl.

Add half a teaspoon of sweet almond oil.
Then, add half a teaspoon of rosewater.

Use an electric whisk and whisk the ingredients together for about
five minutes, until light and fluffy.

Transfer into a nice glass container and pop into the fridge to allow
the mixture to thicken again.

To remove makeup, simply use a small amount of this whipped
mixture and massage it in all over your face and neck (so relaxing!).
Gently rub away with cotton pads, and continue until your face is
makeup free! Follow with a cleanser to remove excess oil, I usually
use manuka honey.

  I like to decorate mine with a ribbon to make it look pretty!

This would also be a great idea if you want to make a gift for someone.
Thanks to Ruth for featuring me here on The Beauty Kemple, and
I hope you have enjoyed this post!

If you would like to see more skincare tips and tricks, and healthy
recipes, you can follow me on
and my main blog page.

Sinead X

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