The Product Love of my life.... One of many! :)

Hello guys!! What's this I'm actually blogging regularly!! Well making a good attempt at it!! My first new blog post on my new look blog page! Im still not settled on my look but its certainly getting there..Im learning so much just playing around with the page and the settings..ill be a self taught web designer in no time!! hahaha Have a little read of my latest blog.. its about a long term love of my life...Not you Galway Player soz dude !!

Today I want to go on and on about this little love of my life!! This product has been with me for over 10 years...never left me..always stayed in stock in lots of shades..never changed..never went up in price and has never let me down!! TRUE LOVE!!! 
I think I've mentioned from my previous blogs that I'm not really a fan of heavy make up it kinda freaks me out! I've always loved lots of eye make up.. But foundation...not so much! 
I'm lucky I've got good skin most of the time so I never feel the need for a full heavy foundation. Now I need to mention this is quite a heavy foundation/concealer product..I generally use it as a concealer and I always use a foundation brush to really blend .. I also love love love the smell of this product haha strange I know! Have any of you lovely's tried it? It comes in a really handy compact with a fab mirror and its really really in ive never broken comes everywhere with me and on all my make up jobs! 

I have a lot of the shades for jobs ect but I like Gentle beige no2 for my self.
I pick up mine in mc sharries pharmacy and they come in under €20!! drop me a comment guys if you have ever used this beauty of if you are giving it a whirl!!??

Thanks for having a read of my little New Look blog!!!
Later Guys 

Ru :)X
The Beauty Kemple

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