No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush

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I've got my blogging grove back after what feels like a very very long absence!
I have lots of exciting new adventures that im working on and making some big plans for later this summer!! Excited!!! 

So up next on my little blog im going back to basics back to the reason I started blogging to share some of my beauty tips I've picked up over my 10 years in the beauty industry. 

Skin care is something I love and facials are I think still one of my favorite treatments to do. New products and treatments with skin care always intrigue me, the big buzz I think in the skin care industry in the last year has to be cleansing brushes! There is a wide range of electric cleansing brushes available..and I'm going to try out 3..a budget one ..a mid range one and a top of the range brush!! And tell you guys how I got on!
The first brush I have tried out is the well known No7 cleansing brush. Price wise this is my mid range option. 

The first thing I noticed about this cleansing brush is its actually quite deep cleansing so any sensitive sisters reading this just please be careful, I even found I had to be careful myself and I have that type of skin that I can put anything on and I will rarely react.. I'm the total opposite to sensitive a tough cookie... well on the outside at least haha! 
So by careful I Mean don't move the brush to quickly over the skin while its on and don't put too much pressure on the brush gently does it! It takes a little getting used to before you see results but trust me you will love this brush in you're life for those times when it feels like products just aren't doing enough. 

The best way I found this brush worked for me was with lots of creamy cleanser all over my face and neck and I start from the neck up. I really focus on the areas I need my like my t-zone for example. I use it just once over my cheeks as mine are more dry than oily and don't need as deep a cleanse.  I go over areas like my chin and forehead and as I have 7 foreheads I can spend a lot of time there... lots of space to cover hahaha :) :)

This brush has two settings I only use the first one it's perfect for me the next setting just makes the brush circulate faster. The interesting thing I found about this cleansing brush is it actually really massaged my skin as the brush circulates and it actually circulates the skin with it..really feels great and gets all the circulation going in the skin...very similar to facial massage. 
My skin feels really clean and really smooth after I use the cleansing brush and as I usually do any deep cleansing before bed i always pop on a nice night cream to hydrate. 

My verdict:  Im really impressed with the No7 Cleansing brush and its a great price for what you get. Once i figured out the best way to use it for my skin I was addicted!!

I would love to hear if any of you have tried these type of Cleansing brushes?
Im a newbie but so far Im sold!!

As always thanks for stopping by


The Beauty Kemple 

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