My February Favorites Number 1 The I.T.W.B.N meet up

A better late the never post!!  
I've been majorly feeling Bloggers Blog lately if that even a condition!! 
I've been Super Busy with lots of new exciting changes coming my way!! Stay Tuned guys!! xx

This post is all about my February favorites.. and I couldn't mention February  with out totally swooning on my ITWBN ladies!!! Actually my top favorite thing in February was my blogger buddies and our epic meet up!! Products don't even come close!!  My Fave products of last month are on the way in my next post. 
What an amazing event we had in February. It was my third meet up and the girls warned me I was going to get a shock!!!!!! they were right!! The amount of work and preparation that goes into these days is unreal. I love that Im a part of something that's grown and grown and the two girls have gone from strength to strength!! I can only dream about how amazing May is going to be!! Well done ladies you are a true inspiration! 

So Much fun :)
There certainly is something about the energy in this group...
 I can't put my finger on it!! I've been to lots of events,talks,demos,masterclasses and I've organised and hosted a few myself over the years but there's nothing quite like this. Maybe it's the happy vibe we all give out...that there's no competition between all of us bloggers I could really relate to all the girls feeling the nerves in the run up to the day!! At my first meet up I was a nervous wreak so I kinda felt an overwhelming urge to welcome all the newbies and hug away their nerves. So when Saibh asked me to be CHEERLEADER for the day I knew it was my job to bring the cheer which I think I achieved guys!! Its my dream Job :) We were totally Spoilt with food Drinks and glorious Goodie Bags!! The Radisson was a really lovely venue and looked after us all so well.

Allllllll The Lovely Ladies 
 I have to quote my Buddy The Galway Player here when he said "everyone is a big deal to someone in the room"! Which is so true we all have certain bloggers we admire and maybe even aspire to be like in someway..we are all original but I personally find it inspiring and really motivational reading my fellow bloggers posts and following their various social media sites and connecting and chatting with them all!! 

A few things I loved about this meet up:

The Cupcakes were amazing 
Shopping, Talks and Cupcakes perfect

Thanks for reading my post guys and I had an amazing day hanging out with you all cant wait for May wooooo!!

Ru :)x