One Product I can't live with out...

Hi everyone how is February going!?

I think spring has officially sprung!! Time to 
re-hydrate and Moisturise our dried out skin hair and nails and get prepping for Summer 2015!! :)  So this Blog post is all about one of the many essential products I cant live without, and Im still finding new Uses for this one!! 
Its Coconut oil. I think most people have that love hate Feeling for coconut oil and all coconut products actually, but Im one of those weirdos that eat bounty bars and I've always loved the smell of all  coconut products. I first really got into it as a body moistener when I did a Hawaiian massage course about 3 years ago and we used Coconut oil as the massage Oil..I fell in love and the smell after the massage is amazing total Hawaiian vibes!! :)

So the Coconut Oil i have found is my fave for lots of Reasons is available in Dunnes and most health food shops  in three different sizes and starts at just €4.39 Bargain!!. Its a great size and its great value for money too. This Coconut oil I use comes in solid form so I have a Spatula that I use to scoop it out I rub it between my palms to melt it and really with the heat of my hands it turns into an Oil ready for use!  
Raw Coconut Oil :)

My top Coconut oil uses

 I love it as a treatment in my Hair. I try to pop it in once weekly I apply it at  night especially on the ends as I've crazy curly thick hair so its always more dry than anything..I ease it through my hair with my fingers (as brushing dry curly Hair is a major nono) I pop my hair into a plat and wash it out in the morning. It works a treat!!

If you are growing you're eyebrows and most of us are usually growing them out or trying to keep them full, Coconut oil is amazing to keep them hydrated and nourished. 


 I use Coconut oil all over its amazing on feet knees elbows again apply it  before bed and then straight in to cozy Pjs, Im more of less a walking talking hydrating wrapped up Coconut haha!! :) This is amazing to do before a weekend of Tanning. I like to do a good scrub and follow with Coconut oil head to Toe!!


We are all fans of nail polishes shellac ect and my clients are always asking me how to keep their nails hydrated. All Polishes dehydrate the nails so when you have shellacs on or even normal polish pop on a little Coconut oil all around the cuticles it will keep the new healthy nail hydrated and nourished underneath the polish.

5.Eye makeup Remover 

 I find this amazing to remove all eye make up because of the oil base it sweeps it all of,f I use it if Im wearing a lot of eye makeup and lashes its so gentle and it doesn't sting.

Let me know how you guys get on using some of my tips!?  Just leave me a comment below!

Thanks for Reading

Ru :)x

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