Young Blood Mineral cosmetics: Luminous Creme Blush

Hi Guys HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I'm Trying to keep to one my 2015 goals and Blog lots and lots more!! Its amazing that only a few months in
how comfortable I'm becoming in this crazy world of blogging! I'm really loving it! Hope you all enjoy my latest post.

So next up on my review list is this Gorgeous product By YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics. I received this great little beauty at my last Into The West Blogger Meet up
and if you want to know all about what exactly that is I've a lovey blog post below with all the info!

 I've become a major Fan of Highlighters lately and I now own quite a few!! I just really really love that sheer barely there Make up look.This product is a mix really between a highlighter and a blush and I mainly use it on my cheeks to give a little bit of Color and to highlight its really is amazing I usually pop this on last when I have all my make up on or even if Im having an au natural day a little of this is so amaze!! It gives a great glow.

The first week I wore this I had 3 clients alone comment on my skin and what was I using!!! And my House Mate also stopped me mid conversation one evening when we were out for dinner and simply said "Ruth you need to tell me what you are using on you're skin"!! "Whats giving you that glow"?? :) haha 

Below I have a few pictures of different times I've had this product on my Skin mainly on my cheeks towards my temple, a little down the bridge of my nose and also just above my cupids bow above my lips. Unlike other highlighters I've used this one isn't really for all over the face its really like a targeted product to highlight with!! Whats not to like? 
The only tip Id have be a little careful about applying, make sure to blend well as this product sets so just be careful it doesn't end up looking like a strip of product..less is more and get blending! I apply with my fingertips.

Lots of Ruth seems im getting the hang of This selfie craze!!

Also thrown into the mix this is a Paraben and oil free product and also animal cruelty free!!
All Youngblood cosmetics are Mineral based so I wondered to myself as Im sure some of my readers will wonder...Why Mineral? whats the difference?..why bother?
Well I have a list below of all the reasons Mineral Make up is so amazing!!
I got this lovely list direct from the Young blood website page!So don't just take my word for it guys!!

Below are a list of stockists and the recommend retail price is €25 enjoy :)

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my Blog 
Until next time guys xoxo

Ru :)X

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