When The Beauty Kemple met Spagbowls spot ...Virtually of course :) #snailmail

Oh Hi everyone :)
So this is a slightly different blog post but has been one of my faves to research so have a little read and get following the couple of bloggers I've mentioned.

This one is all about a very special blogger buddy of mine Sammie Rosetti heres her blog http://www.spagbowlsspot.com/  and we met through a really cool Blogger connecting idea I came across on Twitter through another Great Blogger
Gemma Check out her blog here http://lipsticksandlashes.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Im feeling the love for my fellow bloggers out there!!

The Lovely Sammie

The reason why this blogger connection really stood out for me is it was brimming with positive vibes!! The whole idea is to spend some time getting to know each other through you're blog's and exchange all you learned and help each other along with mails and messages and all the things we love about each others blogs. An eventually become BFFS WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!

So once myself and Sammie were matched we emailed over and back and followed each others blogs Instagram, Facebook and twitter we could really get to know each other we agreed that our first little assignment would be the top five favorite things about each others blogs. 

1. The Design & layout: I love the color of Sammie's Blog and the dots on the side are super cute and now that I've gotten to know Sammie a little better the design really suits her personalty as shes quite girly but funky at the same time.

2. Videos: Possibly my Fave part of Sammie's Blog as Im so impressed and inspired by her videos its something i really want to get in to and Im so amazed she has just jumped straight into them! I love the music how she speeds up the video during her make up tutorials and how she has writing that comes up to describe each product as she uses it!
Also the lighting is amaze the sound is perfect and her room is super cute!! Did I mention I love her Videos?? :) :) :) heehehee 

3. The Name: I love the name and I love it more now I know the meaning behind it which strangely enough is similar to the reason behind my blog name!!! We were obviously met to be blogging besties!! Sammie named her blog SPAGBOWLS BLOG because her second name is Rosetti and that rhymes with spaghetti and she was called that in school!

4. Honesty: Sammie is very honest in her blogs and it really comes across in her reviews and videos I also love her about me section in her blog and she really opens up about how nervous she was before starting the blog. I can really relate to this.

5. Photos: Im a photography fan and Im always learning and on of the main things i always notice on blogs including my own are the pictures.. they are so so important for all product reviews and outfit posts ect!! Sammie are brill clear and lots of them you can tell she takes a lot of time getting the right shot and angle.

All the Blogs!!!

So whats next for myself and my new blogger Buddy?? Well as part of the snail mail is to pick up a couple of little gifts for each other to post hence the #snailmailtag and that's what we are going to do next. Im soooo looking forward to that and I have to say i think this is such a great idea for any blogger to get involve in especially new bloggers.
So watch out for my future posts with this little lady!!

Thanks so much for reading Guys

Ru :)X

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