10 things Ive Learned From being a part of The Into The West Blogger Network

Hi everyone :)
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On the 9th Of November 2014 we had a Blogger meet up in the beautiful Glenlo abbey Hotel In Galway. The event was organised by the Into The West Blogger Network aka Sinead and Siabh. Two amazing Ladies that I am lucky enough to know professionally as well as personally!! This was my second Blogger meet up with this network. I first Joined the Network In August.
I did wonder what kind of a blog post I could possibly do to really get my feelings across, and not necessarily just cover all of the important information about who was there etc. I can't recommend this network enough if you have a blog or its something you have started and you're not sure how to promote it and actually get people to read the blog you have created!!

I had all the names!! :)
So Ive decided to do a list style blog, its a mix of feelings and facts and mainly what I've learned so far on my blog journey with itwbn hope you guys enjoy!!

I Learned....

1. How supportive this Blogger network is for all types of bloggers new and old.

2.That its ok to feel super nervous at the blogger meet ups especially if its your first one! I had no idea what I was letting myself in for at the first one But I'm so glad I went along it most definitely gave me the push i needed to jump into Blog land!

3.There is no right or wrong way to blog, as such because its supposed to be a reflection of you. So do the types of blogs you love and feel good about sitting down to write.

4.You will meet people that you may have only met online like twitter or through their blogs.. It's a great way to exchange info. For example if you loved someones logo that you have seen on their blog its so much easier to have a little chat in person about it.

5.You are in a room full of like minded people that understand and love to blog in some way..how amazing is that!! Its also a room full of questions answers and fun!!

6. Twitter and instagram and in particular hash tags are so important and keep everyone in the loop in an otherwise crazy social media platform! Just simply type in #itwbn and you can instantly jump into all the conversations that are Itwbn related and the girls will retweet all tweets with the hashtag mention! This is amazing for new blog posts ect.

7. At The meet ups you are free to have you're phone in your hand at all times..selfies..pics of everyone and everything that happens is totally socially acceptable and we don't really exchange numbers just blog names instagram facebook and twitter names!! haha :) This one of my Favorite things about my first blogger meet up I was finally in a room full of phone addicts and no one gets insulted if you are on you're phone all day!! haha Heaven!!
Guest speakers in action oh and our lovely
Goodie Bags :)

8.You will Most definitely feel super inspired to blog after a meet up we are all buzzing with info after the last meet up and more importantly we has some excellent tips from the guest speakers that we couldn't wait to put into practice!

9. Sharing is caring!! I learned how important it is to like share comment and support each others blogs its always great to get some interaction and conversation going on the blogs! 

10. Blogger buddies rock!!! I instantly made great friends at my first meetup and its amazing how open everyone is about all things blogging!! Its such an interesting area and its growing all the time.

Just a few of my bestie bloggers pics from the ITWBN instagram page

Thanks for reading 

Ru :)X