My Love For all things Cocoa Brown

I sometimes wonder if Ireland has the highest tan sales in the world we really do love to look bronzed and golden brown!! Most of us Irish Ladies find it hard to get a tan that suits our poor frozen and rained on skin tone colour!!  I've tried a lot of tans over the years but once I would come across one I liked i'd usually stick with it. Now i've been lucky enough to have worked In Beauty Salons for the last 10 years and I've always had access to spray tans and don't get me wrong I love them... but they do take up a lot of time with development!! Its hard  to give up a full evening as the tan is developing and you also look like a total crazy while doing so!!
Tan Tastic!!

So When Cocoa Brown Tan Came along promising an amazing tan in just 1 hour I found it hard to believe the impossible dream could be achieved!
I was very pleasantly surprised with this Tan from application to developing time to the smell (which is really mild).

With all tans I find a trial run works best and especially when a Tan like this has a few options with the development time and depth of colour that you want!

The main way I like to use this tan slightly defeats the purpose of its 1 hour development superpowers :). I usually apply my Cocoa Brown tan before I get into bed and I leave it on all night. The colour really suits my skin especially the second day. I have a lot of friends that use Cocoa Brown Tan and all of us use it differently thats one of the many reasons I love it!! How do you use yours? I also love how simple it is to apply and it dries in a few minutes. The beauty of this tan is it works both ways as a 1 hour tan that still develops so If I do have a last minute night out I pop it on and leave it an hour shower and it gives a great light glow for the night.
The brilliant Travel Kit

I can't recommend this tan highly enough!! Its a great Irish brand that does exactly what it says on the tin!! Im not really into getting a natural tan so I always pop this tan in my bag for holidays to top up as I go and the travel kit is perfect to take away on Hols!

The full Range and all the details on each product and where to find them are all available on the Fab Cocoa Brown Web page below

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